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1 Moderator Apply on Mon Aug 22, 2016 10:14 am

IGN? - _Huzini_

Age/Edad? - 13

Timezone/Zonahoraria? - CEST

What languages do you speak fluently/Que idiomas podes hablar fluido? -English/Norwigian

Do you have a mic/Tenes microfono? -Yes

Can you use teamspeak/Podes usar teamspeak? -Yes

How long have you played on the server/Hace cuanto jugas en el server? -24 Houres?

Have you ever been banned before/Alguna vez fuistes mod antes? -No

Any previous experience/Previa Experiencia? -Yes I Have Been Staff on many other minecraft server mostly HCF servers and i love to help and catch hackers

Why do you think you should be a moderator/Porque pensas que deberias ser mod? -Becaus i think i could help the server alot becaus im activ and i know the server

Do you understand that you will not be able to play factions/Entendes que no vas a poder jugar factions? -I Will be able to becaus i got a alt

Any extra information/Informacion extra? - Nop

Have you ever been staff on SystemHCF before/Fuistes staff en SystemHCF antes? -Yes I Have Been T-Mod

Are you staff on any other servers/Sos staff de algun otro server? -Not atm but i was befor

Please list any server's you have been staff vou previously/Porfavor haz una lista de los servers que fuistes staff. -TruckCraft,TeknoCraft,TreCraft,Many Other Servers That I Don't Remember

Please list your alt accounts (Be Honest)/Porfavor pone tus alts (se honesto) - I Do Not Have Any Alts My Self But I Got A Friend That Has An Acc That I Can Use So Kinda an alt but at the same time not.
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