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Should I Get Staff Or No??

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1 Mod Apply By : NipZ_TRICKZ on Tue Aug 23, 2016 11:54 am


Age/Edad? - 13.

Timezone/Zonahoraria? - EST.

What languages do you speak fluently/Que idiomas podes hablar fluido? - I Speak English but my friend is my new translator for spanish!  Very Happy

Do you have a mic/Tenes microfono? - Yes.

Can you use teamspeak/Podes usar teamspeak? - Yes i can use TeamSpeak3.

How long have you played on the server/Hace cuanto jugas en el server? - I have played this server sence last Sunday and I was a  Mod before Staff Reset.

Have you ever been banned before/Alguna vez fuistes mod antes? - No.

Any previous experience/Previa Experiencia? - Yes i was Mod on this server before staff reset i was the English helper i helped people who were English and i never had a promblome with anybody on this server besides SrTomii He was the Sr.Mod and he would abuse all the time and he just recently got demoted! I would say if u asked any English person i helped in ts or on the server they would say I was Very Kind to them and treated them like they were family they also would say I helped them out so much!!!

Why do you think you should be a moderator/Porque pensas que deberias ser mod? - I think I should become a Mod because I know my job really well as a moderator, I know all the commands and what they do, I know how to manage chat, and I know that being respectful to the other players is just as important as them being respectful to you. Also I know how all the commands work and how to use them in the right way and the wrong way.

Do you understand that you will not be able to play factions/Entendes que no vas a poder jugar factions? - Yes I underStand The only way u can play on SystemHCF is if u use a alt.

Any extra information/Informacion extra? - If I do get Staff I am planing on bringing players on the server from my YouTube Channel Also I am planing on doing A Staff Series If that is ok with the owner.

Have you ever been staff on SystemHCF before/Fuistes staff en SystemHCF antes? - Yes I have been staff on SystemHCF I explined how I have helped the server ETC. Were it says Any Previous Experience?

Are you staff on any other servers/Sos staff de algun otro server? - Yes i opened my own HCF server on Aug 10/16 But it got shut down because the person who was paying for it diden't want to pay for it any more because we were only geting 15 people dayily if u cheek my youtube channel You will see that i have been staff on many servers but they have always shut down also if u cheek my youtube channel u would see i never abuse or grife i am always a responabl person!

Please list any server's you have been staff vou previously/Porfavor haz una lista de los servers que fuistes staff. - I Have Been Staff On My Own HCF server Called PotRefillHCF Also i have been staff on OdysseyFactions I was a admin on there I have been staff on this server witch my Rank Was Mod Thats About all the servers I have been staff on recently.

Please list your alt accounts (Be Honest)/Porfavor pone tus alts (se honesto) - I only have one alt account And The Name Is MrChicosmith << Thats the only Alt Account I use

~ Thank You For Reading My Mod App NipZ_TRICKZ ~

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